Pakistan, 2011 for „Deutsche Welthungerhilfe“
Cambodia, 2007 for „Deutsche Welthungerhilfe“
Argentina, 2010 for „Brot für die Welt“
Colombia, 2010 for „Misereor“
Argentina, 2010, independent work
Pakistan, 2006-2011 for „Kontinente“, „ADH“ and „Welthungerhilfe“
Brazil, 2010 for „Kontinente“
Brazil, 2010 for „Kontinente“
South Africa, 2009 for „terre des hommes“
Pakistan, 2011 for „Kontinente“ and „Kindermissionswerk“
Bolivia, 2010 and Pakistan, 2011 für „GIZ“ and „Kindermissionswerk“
Brazil, 2009 and Pakistan, 2011, independent work and for „Kindermissionswerk“
South Africa, 2009 and Brazil, 2012 for „GIZ“ and „Brot für die Welt“
Guatemala, 2011 for „Misereor“
Pakistan, 2011 for „Deutsche Welthungerhilfe“
Cambodia, 2013 for „Die Johanniter“
Brazil and Ecuador, 2007 for „Christian Blind Mission (CBM)
Pakistan, 2006 for „Aktion Deutschland Hilft“
Pakistan, 2011 for „Kontinente“
Pakistan, 2011 for „Kontinente“
Paraguay, 2012 and Pakistan, 2011 for „Misereor“ and „Kindermissionswerk“
Brazil, 2012 for „Brot für die Welt“
Haiti, 2010 for „Misereor“
Colombia, 2009 for „terre des hommes“
Pakistan, 2011 for „Kontinente“
Bolivia, 2010 and Ecuador, 2012 for „Welthungerhilfe“ and „Die Johanniter“
Pakistan, 2006 for „Welthungerhilfe“
Paraguay, 2012 for „Misereor“


Brazil, independent work (Florian Kopp and Sandra Weiss)
Haiti, 2013, independent work (Florian Kopp, Sandra Weiss, Uwe H. Martin, Frauke Huber)
Haiti, 2013, independent work (Florian Kopp, Sandra Weiss, Uwe H. Martin, Frauke Huber)


My pho­to­graphs cap­ture mo­ments in the lives of un­der­priv­i­leged peo­ple in de­vel­op­ing coun­tries. I strive to com­bine the aes­thet­ics and ex­pres­sive pow­er of pho­tog­ra­phy with the goal of lett­ing the world know about so­cial, ecol­o­gi­cal and eco­nom­ic in­jus­ti­ces.

Since 2005 I have pro­duced proj­ect doc­u­men­ta­tions and re­port­ag­es on so­cial and ecol­o­gi­cal themes in ­Af­ri­ca, Asia and La­tin Amer­i­ca. My cli­ents are aid or­ga­ni­sa­tions and so­cial­ly con­cerned me­dia.

As a ge­og­ra­phy grad­u­ate with a spe­cial fo­cus on de­vel­op­ment ge­og­ra­phy and a for­mer aid work­er in Pa­ki­stan and Af­ghan­i­stan, I am par­tic­u­lar­ly fa­mil­iar with this field.

Together with the Journalist Sandra Weiss I am running the cross-media agency Weko Media. We produce features about social topics in Latin America. Besides photos and text we include cross-media tools such as audio, video and webdesign to tell our stories. We got nominated for the renomated german Grimme Online-Award 2015 for our feature about reconstruction in Haiti after the earthquake: "Auf­er­stan­den als Ru­ine - Ge­win­ner und Ver­lie­rer des Wie­der­auf­baus in Haiti".

If you have fur­ther ques­tions, are in­ter­est­ed in work­ing with me, or would like to com­mis­sion pho­to­graphs, please con­tact me via e-mail. I would be hap­py to hear from you.

Florian Kopp

Florian Kopp
born 27.10.1975

Studied Geography in Cologne

2004 and 2006:
Aid worker in Afghanistan and Pakistan

since 2005:
Freelance photographer based in Rio de Janeiro / Brazil


Travel planning

Destinations 2005 - 2017:

  • Argentine: Land conflicts, public health, Indigenous people
  • Bolivia: volunteer program, agriculture, street children, micro credits, youth
  • Brazil: German DC, human rights, agriculture, education, street children, amazon, large dams, organic farming, urban life, multimedia project David gegen Goliath am Amazonas (german)
  • Burkina Faso: Agriculture, rural life
  • Costa Rica: German DC, renewable energy
  • Ecuador: Water, agriculture, human rights, amazon, mining, education
  • El Salvador: Human rights, Oscar Romero, micro credits, disaster reduction
  • Guatemala: Human rights
  • Haiti: earthquake, hurricane, reconstruction, multimedia project: "Auf­er­stan­den als Ru­ine - Ge­win­ner und Ver­lie­rer des Wie­der­auf­baus in Haiti" (german)
  • Honduras: Human rights, violence, mining
  • India: Rural and urban development, agriculture, human rights
  • Indonesia: Banda Aceh 10 years after the Tsunami
  • Kambodia: public health, agriculture, reconciliation
  • Colombia: peace process, street children, micro credits, agriculture, human rights
  • Madagascar: human rights, land and ressource conflicts, social work, education, street children
  • Mexico: human rights, education, rural development
  • Nicaragua: human rights, rural development, health
  • Pakistan: human rights, disaster, cristian life, education, health, rural development, agriculture
  • Paraguay: indigenous, land conflicts, environment, public health, agriculture, large dams
  • Peru: mining, agriculture, street children, human rights, education, social work

Annual planning 2018:

  • February: Peru, Colombia
    Human rights, agriculture
  • February/Märch: Brazil
    Independent investigation about climate change and syntropic agriculture
  • March: Ecuador
    Human rights, indigenous
  • April: Brazil
    Independent Research
  • April: Germany
    Disabled children
  • June: Nicaragua
    Water management, German DC
  • June: Honduras
    Disaster reduction, public health, agriculture
  • August: Ecuador
    Water management, Indigenous, agriculture

* Changes are possible at any time. I can be booked starting from Rio de Janeiro.